"The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul." Wyland

Nawtikuhl is an industry leader in the vast sea of marketers and content creators across the globe. Specialising in all things marine, leisure and adventure, we build campaigns that not only inspire but ultimately create a response.

Our experienced team provide a range of professional services including media planning and buying, content creation, campaign management and digital services.

Nawtikuhl is a global leader in marine marketing management, don't trust your brand with anyone else. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make a measured difference to your business.



Nawtikuhl's creative flair runs as deep as the ocean and as strong as the trades. We have a collaborative attitude when it comes to creative development We are forward thinking, applying a deep understanding of your brands personality, core values and DNA to all creative outputs.

For us, creativity means telling unique and compelling stories to enrich your brands integrity and form strong and loyal consumer partnerships. Our creative team have a solid track record of developing engaging creative concepts across various industries and markets. Our knowledge of marine, leisure and adventure, have seen us provide consultative services to some of the largest agencies in the world within niche industries.


Nawtikuhl are brand experts in marine, leisure and lifestyle markets. Branding has an incredibly important role when launching a new company, product or service. In today's society we are saturated with logos, images and branded design. It seems everywhere we look a logo or branded proposition is staring us in the face.

For this reason brands needs to understand the fundamentals of their target market, demographic and customer behaviour whilst considering their brand identity. Nawtikuhl designs brand identities that compliment your business values whilst keeping your target market front of mind. Our team of brand consultants and designers have worked across global accounts and continue to lead the marine industry in branded content and identity.


Market research is incredibly powerful when used correctly to make informed business decisions. Using various research applications Nawtikuhl can deliver insights on trending products, rankings, search terms and competitor market data. Our team have extensive experience in Qualitative research across various industries including marine, FMCG and luxury.

Stay ahead of the fleet by allowing Nawtikuhl to provide insights to drive the success of your campaigns further.


Crossing the ocean to success can be difficult to navigate without a detailed chart to point you in the right direction. Nawtikuhl believe in building solid marketing foundations that will provide your organisation a return on every marketing dollar you invest. We do this by understanding your business, industry, goals and objectives and how your customers make buying decisions.

Developing detailed customer and competitor analysis, Nawtikuhl can provide the tools to make more informed marketing and business decisions. We have a consultancy approach when developing market strategies for business and we understand that no two organisations are alike. Our marketing plans keep your business objectives front of mind and are designed to work within your companies culture and values.


A marketing audit has certain similarities to a financial audit. It is a review or appraisal of your existing marketing activities. Carrying out a marketing audit provides the opportunity to review and appraise your current marketing performance and evaluate a possible courses of action. As media environments change, a marketing audit should be utilised as a reference tool, with constant updates reflecting changes in the external environment.

Nawtikuhl audits the effects of political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental impacts on your brand. When was the last time you took a step outside your business and observed your position in market? Allow Nawtikuhl to provide a nonbiased marketing health check of your current brand position so you can optimise future growth strategies quickly and efficiently.


Nawtikuhl are conversation starters, we help our clients reach the right audience by listening, building relationships and seeding stories throughout networks which count. We're straight talking and creative, honest about what we can achieve and dedicated to producing results. Story telling is an art form, so we only engage industry leaders to spread the word. Promoting brand/product news, professional appointments and service announcements excites us to our core.

We are leaders in:

  • Corporate & Professional Services
  • Crisis & Issues Management
  • Public Affairs & Consultation
  • Consumer and Lifestyle



Take your brand to the next level utilising Nawtikuhl's experienced designers and creative team. We have a broad depth of experience across a number of industries and platforms. Marine is what we are passionate about and with an in-depth knowledge of what works in the industry; your marine communications are in the best possible hands.

Our design team believe in cohesive unity from a brands DNA and mantra through to the development of creatively designed outputs Nawtikuhl works closely with each and every client to understand their business needs and expectations. From the initial design consultation we can ensure the creative design process will appeal to the client, but also resonate with your target market.

Nawtikuhl are experienced in all areas of design and branding and deliver inspiring creative each and every time. Brand development, point of sale, display, stationary and digital, Nawtikuhl has it covered


Video content is the most consumed and traded commodity of the 21st Century. We are engaging in more video content than ever before as technology continues to allow us to view video across various platforms and devices. YouTube alone reports over 4 billion content plays per day, only scraping the tip of the iceberg of where video is viewed. The simple fact is that, as consumers our buying behaviors have changed. We research products and services we want to buy, we rely on recommendations from trusted advises, friends and family.

In today's world of convenience we want this our information to be trustworthy and delivered quickly and in an engaging format. Video is the best way to do this whilst allowing consumers to interact and develop a rapport with your brand. Nawtikuhl understands the science behind producing engaging content. Our wealth of experience has seen the production of video for some of the largest, most prestigious brands in the world. We are absolutely passionate about all things video and our team of producers are experts in its creation. We shoot multi formats including the latest 4K resolution and have access to various studios and postproduction facilities across Australia, Asia, Middle East and the UK.



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At Nawtikuhl we're dedicated to providing mid-size businesses and boutique ad agencies with precisely targeted, strategically based media plans and cost effective TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor and Online media buys at below market rates.

What makes Nawtikuhl different is our agility and flexibility to respond to your specific needs and objectives. Regardless of the size of your budget, the complexity of your objectives, or lead time, we will design and flawlessly execute a TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Online, or Mobile media campaign that will exceed your expectations and deliver increased sales. Our media and communication strategists work with the national networks to guarantee the best placement for your target market at the best possible rates. We buy all our media through the oldest and largest media house in Australia. This means low, cost effective rates; which in turn means lower CPA's.

Strategy & Plan Development

Strategy and plan development begins with an intimate understanding of each brand's personality and objectives. We apply the same process to developing a thorough knowledge of the target prospect, their lifestyle preferences and media habits. We work closely with the creative agency and client partners to better understand the target prospects, the competitive marketplace and advertising and copy strategies.

At the same time, we analyse the competitive marketplace in terms of ad spending and tactics employed by competitors. We examine media usage, timing, weight levels and geographic coverage in order to assess the strengths and weakness of the competitors.

Communication goals and priorities are set by determining these factors along with the equity the brand has in awareness. In order for media to work its hardest at initiating positive consumer action towards the brand, we offer a disciplined approach to strategic planning.

Once we have a clear picture of how the consumer connects to the product / category / brand and how they connect with the media, our mission is to translate that into media selection and scheduling that best fulfills the overriding brand communication objectives.

Once the parameters of a buy are agreed upon including a budget, start date, end date and weekly weight levels, we go to market. During this stage of the process we scrutinize avails from each of the relevant media outlets. We create an analysis of costs, audience and efficiencies for each vehicle.

After completing this evaluation phase, we construct the buys, return to the media sales reps and begin the negotiation phase, where we focus on increasing value and consumer relevance and decreasing costs. We also focus on how we can add value to the buy, without adding to the cost (including sponsorships, events, promotions, positioning, etc.

As soon as we have a buy constructed that meets or exceeds all of the parameters, we present that buy to the client for approval. With the client's approval we book the inventory, assist in the trafficking of the commercials and help the client merchandise the buy as needed.

Once the buy goes live, we vigilantly monitor the media's performance to make sure that the activity runs as ordered. Our experience has shown that when the media is closely monitored, media buys run as designed. We recap each buy at the conclusion and deliver a recap or post-buy analysis on the actual performance of the schedule.


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